September 26, 2005

Krafty Crap

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:12 am by coffee

I once awoke in a misty slumber to embark on a journy only I knew of.



  1. Stuart said,

    Hey Krafty Crap,

    I’m hoping these comments get forwarded to your email or something… because it seems like you haven’t been on this blog for a while!

    I would be very interested in using the domain “”, but obviously the admin won’t allow me to. They suggested I message you to see if you were willing to part with the “coffee.wordpress” domain. Is this a possibility?


  2. smiley tester said,

    Don’t worry !
    I’m only a Smiley tester !



  3. smiley tester said,


  4. smiley tester said,


  5. smiley tester said,

    ho3leye smiley tester sar rafte :-s

  6. Hi guy ^^ Good blog ^^
    Read full online books here : (sorry for spam )

  7. Jordan said,

    Stoney Creek Roasters is the best local shop ever! why do you have such a great domain a never do anything with it? You should totally blog about great local coffee!

  8. That Guy said,

    Blog about some GODDAMN COFFEE!! I have been waiting for more than 6 years and I am losing my patience.

  9. Sup Rickie, Im on a free laptop at the Tokyo Motor Show right now the new R36 Skyline concept is really nice and heaps of chicks here ^^.ud83dude1b Click

  10. Man, just let the URL go – it could have been a really decent blog! People are registering URLs like going around the domain you are not using..

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